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Imogen Heap

two times Grammy award winning musician and producer

The Perfidus headphone amp is a very useful piece of kit to help analyze and detect any imperfections in a mix, as well as dial into those details for final tweaks, especially on the move and away from your studio set up. Also, I experience less mix fatigue as a result in those final crucial hours!

David Bottrill

three times Grammy award winning rock producer

I use many playback systems to test my mixes and the Mania headphones have become an integral part of my mix referencing routine. Coupled with the Perfidus headphone amp, it provides a true high end audio referencing system that I use for every mix assessment.

Bill Gould

musician (Faith No More) and producer

It is a deep, beautiful rich box. Previously I was using the headphone amp of a very well respected converter and what I can say is that your amp is less harsh, has greater low (and lower mid) end depth and it makes listening to music a more pleasurable experience. It feels good. Even MP3’s!

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