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My love affair with music began more than 30 years ago when I was a kid. Even at that tender age I was concerned I would get bored by some music and I never ever listened to an album (or god forbid – a song) twice in a row. Little has changed, although today I have thousands of albums in my collection and do not feel the need to immediately replay tracks. 

My early experiences of music, when Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia, was on incredibly rough listening equipment. Hi-Fi’s were not in my reach due to high prices and import issues. So I made one myself and for two decades listened to it almost every day. The emotions music evoked in me back then have made me the person I am today ... and so began the inspiration for Erzetich Audio.

In my teens, I studied electronics and have been involved with sound ever since, although my professional career took me in the direction of design, illustration and photography. 

Because of my infectious passion for music, I suppose it was inevitable I would be in a band - and sure enough, in high school I began playing guitar with friends in various garages. As a musician, more than ten years later, I released four albums; one with US label, Wampus Multimedia, two with German label, Black Rain and one with my own label, Neversun. 

My journey through music also gave me experience as a studio sound engineer both on and off-stage. Music has always played a central role in my life of course, but I earned a living as a freelance designer. In 2012, I decided to combine my passion and my talent and founded Erzetich. My ambition now is to build premium quality personal audio that combine form with function.

But most of all, I want like-minded aficionados to enjoy music with the same quality of sound as I do.

Blending my knowledge of electronics, acoustics and design, I am able to accomplish my goals. So far I have created four headphone amps, all of which have been well received by industry reviewers, professional musicians and fellow audiophiles. The designs have been applauded for their unobtrusive and timeless design and have featured in webzines including Yanko Design and Delood. When I design a headphone amplifier, I intend to create a work of art.

I am under no illusion that headphone amplifiers are not as popular as they should be, but I like to think I am doing my bit to persuade people otherwise. And pure music lovers all agree with me. In a short space of time, Erzetich Audio headphone amps are already making a name for themselves. All of them have been described as "the top in its class." They are not my words, but the praise of a reviewer. But I won’t disagree.

Of course, you can’t appreciate what you have not experienced, and it is customary for even experienced audiophiles to buy studio headphones that cannot deliver the power that really brings music to life. Until now.


Music is made up of two parts: content and sound. When you play a piece of music on substandard equipment, you do not get to enjoy the entire ensemble. And when you don’t listen to music in its whole sonic glory, you’re missing half of it.

Despite many Hi-Fi components have built-in headphone amps, they do not do musical recordings the justice they deserve. However, I am confident your music experience will change within seconds of plugging in your headphones into any of the Erzetich headphone amplifiers.

Essentially, your headphones are the same as your stereo speakers and to produce the richest sounds - thick bass, clear sound, less distortion, good soundstage etc – they need an amp. The headphone amplifiers I make are fitted with a double voltage power supply and a high quality input capacitor in the signal path in order to deliver a clear, unimpeded sound.

I pride myself on my work and pay particular attention to detail. Because of this innate need for perfection, every one of my headphone amplifiers have been painstakingly challenging to build – but the end results have been worth the effort in the end.

Every true music lover needs a headphone amplifier and the four available to you in my collection right now cover different sound timbres, approaches and a wide price bracket to suit your budget.

The first headphone amplifier I built was Bacillus. This is my entry-level headphone amp, but delivers a powerful performance with any impedance headphones. My next project was Perfidus, a demon of an amp that picks up details you didn’t realize were there. I extended my range with the Bacillus Tilia which looks and sounds warm yet detailed. My latest project is Deimos, a high-end product and the best headphone amp I have made yet.

To achieve precision sound, I use high quality components and handcraft each individual unit. The entire range is made from aluminum, and two of them sport aged linden wood (Deimos, and Bacillus Tilia) to give them a vintage, yet sophisticatedly modern look. I use wood cut from the linden tree as it is a symbol of my homeland, Slovenia, and of my dedication to music; the linden is a tree of friendship, love and loyalty.

In 2018 two models of headphones joined the family: dynamic Mania and planar magnetic Phobos.

You can take a look at my line-up of headphones, headphone amps and accessories by following this link.


Blaž Erzetič

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