Klayton is best known for his solo projects Celldweller, Circle of Dust and Scandroid.

Beginning in the early 90s, Klayton has always taken the road less traveled. From choosing to do everything himself – writing, recording, performing, engineering, producing, programming, mixing, (you get the picture) – to forming his own record label, FIXT, in 2006, he has meticulously built his career one brick at a time.

Klayton is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, skillfully playing everything from guitars, bass, drums and keys to operating a massive collection of modular synthesizers. Klayton’s sound is further characterized by his intricate production in editing, programming and mixing.

Klayton approaches musical genres as a Mixed Martial Artist approaches fighting – fluidly combining each style in cohesive mastery of the arts. Klayton’s arsenal of styles ranges from Drum & Bass, Orchestral, Rock n Roll, Electro, Metal, Psy-Trance, Tribal Percussion, Modular Synthesis, Pop, Metal, Glitch-Hop, Breaks, Experimental Noise, Sound Design and beyond.

Klayton’s musical expressions have been welcomed by a die-hard group of fans, lovingly known as Cellmates, who have found Klayton’s hybrid style of electronic-rock unparalleled by any comparisons.

Known for his world-class production quality across a wide range of styles, Klayton’s music has garnered hundreds of Film/TV placements and hundreds of millions of online music/video streams. Klayton’s music has been heard in everything from Superbowl commercials to virtually every major sports league, from NFL, UFC, NHL and MLB to major eSports leagues.

Klayton’s music has also been featured in blockbuster film franchises like Iron Man, Deadpool, X-Men, Mission Impossible and Spider-man to chart topping video games like Killer Instinct, Dead Rising, Assassin’s Creed and Need for Speed, to award winning television like America’s Got Talent, American Idol and Face/Off.

Klayton is also known for his powerful & unique remixes, for artists like Pendulum, Motionless In White, BT, I See Stars, Asking Alexandria, Jes and Criss Angel. 

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Celldweller - Celldweller (Position Music, Esion Media, FiXT Music, 2003)

Celldweller - Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 01 (FiXT Music, 2008)

Celldweller - Wish Upon a Blackstar (FiXT Music, 2012)

Celldweller - Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 02 (FiXT Music, 2010-2012)

Celldweller - Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 03 (FiXT Music, 2013-2016)

Celldweller - End of an Empire (FiXT Music, 2014/2015)

Celldweller - Offworld (FiXT Music, 2017)

Circle of Dust

Circle of Dust - Circle of Dust (R.E.X., 1992, remastered 2016)

Circle of Dust - Brainchild (R.E.X., 1994, remastered 2016)

Circle of Dust - Circle of Dust (R.E.X., 1995, re-recording)

Circle of Dust - Flying Tart (Flying Tart, 1998)

Circle of Dust - Machines of Our Disgrace (FiXT Music, 2016)


Scandroid - Scandroid (FiXT Music, 2016)

Scandroid - Monochrome (FiXT Music, 2017)

Live albums

Celldweller – Live Upon a Blackstar (FiXT Music, 2012)

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