Erzetich 24 bit Compilation

The music featured on this compilation has been carefully hand picked out of hundreds of songs that came to our offices for a review. They have been selected based on their artistic quality and the quality of production, while being able to be fit for the broader audience.

Youll notice that musicians, presented on this compilation, differ in their genre, nationality, geographic location, cultural background, approach to this form of art and the approach to the production process (recording, mixing and mastering). Despite that, all songs on this compilation have a common denominator: great musicianship and great recordings. You cannot enjoy music entirely if one of these two components is depleted.

As a difference from other compilations, this one is not on a classic media like a CD, but a collection of high resolution, 24 bit, digital music, stored on a USB flash drive. This type of format makes the recording far more precise compared to that of a standard CD. For you, to enjoy the music in all possible detail and greater dynamics. These features are putting the high resolution digital music to the side of the analog sources, making it a meaningful leap into the future of digital sound.

Welcome to our first Erzetich 24 bit Compilation with which we intend to promote (mostly independent) music and musicians through our means.

This compilation is non-profit. All you pay is for material expenses and shipping.

Why 24 bit?

The bit depth is a unit that defines how finely the amplitude is chopped into digital data. A CD uses 16 bit resolution which makes the amplitude divided into 65,000 parts. If we add 8 more bits, that is 24, we have the resolution increased to 16,800,00 parts - 256 times finer than the one of a CD. And this is when we talk about high resolution audio a resolution that is superior to the one of our, human, ear.

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Track listing

01. Big Tree Like a Fool (USA)

02. Cathouse Thursday Lonely (USA)

03. David Guilbault Easy to Be (USA)

04. Drew Imagination Live Aloha (feat. Maria Remos) (USA)

05. Morgen La Civita Fall Away (USA)

06. Deborah Henriksson Evening Star (Sweden)

07. The Good for Naughts Id Die With You (Canada)

08. Tide Love is Gone (Slovenia)

09. Autumn Owls Semaphores (Ireland)

10. Driving Mrs. Satan Battery (Italy)

Booklet in PDF format


Driving Mrs Satan: Battery

Tide: Love is Gone

2017 by Erzetich - Handcrafted Personal Audio

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