Erzetich 24 bit Compilation

Music, featured on this compilation, has been meticulously selected among 700 songs, from 156 musicians that we have reviewed during the call for submissions. 11 artists were selected and three of them were invited, making a set of 14 great songs for playing time of almost an hour. The selection was based not only on the artistic quality, but also on the quality of the recording and originality of the music.

All the musicians on this compilation are extraordinary and they deserve a maximum exposure. We try our best, in our modest way, to add a stone to the castle they’re building.

Enjoy the music!

This compilation is non-profit. All you pay is for material expenses and shipping.

Why 24 bit?

The bit depth is a unit that defines how finely the amplitude is chopped into digital data. A CD uses 16 bit resolution which makes the amplitude divided into 65,000 parts. If we add 8 more bits, that is 24, we have the resolution increased to 16,800,00 parts - 256 times finer than the one of a CD. And this is when we talk about high resolution audio – a resolution that is superior to the one of our, human, ear.

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Track listing

01. Cindertalk Spero (USA)

02. Sweet Soubrette Avalanche (USA)

03. McNary Lonely Tonite (USA)

04. Andrew Judah Morning Light (Canada)

05. Damen Samuel Where Do We Go (Australia)

06. Timothy Israel My Heart (USA)

07. Tobias the Owl CA (USA)

08. Bailey Coats Nothing to Me (USA)

09. Koukie Eclipse (UK)

10. Fleur Wiber For I Once Was a Child (Australia)

11. Bogan Via Kanye (USA)

12. 1974 The Great Galactic War (USA)

13. Lindsay Kupser Children Teaching Children (USA)

14. Waterslide Rev the Engine for the Caledonia Kill (USA)

Booklet in PDF format


Damen Samuel: Where Do We Go

Bogan Via: Kanye

Timothy Israel: My Heart

McNary: Lonely Tonite

2017 by Erzetich - Handcrafted Personal Audio

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