Erzetich 24 bit Compilation

35 years after the first CDs came on the market, we’re still using the same standard (16 bit/44.1 kHz) most of the time. Technological obstacles that were once limiting the resolution of the audio recording and reproduction are far gone. Computers and media players have been capable way more than that for quite some time now. That’s why high resolution audio is now making up for what was once a gap between a CD and high quality analog media.

We have selected 15 songs out of about 900 of them, from 173 artists that we have reviewed when gathering them for this compilation. Musicians featured on this compilation are of a great talent of performance and creativity. We are proud to offer you a peek at their work, inviting you to explore more about them.

This compilation is non-profit. All you pay is for material expenses and shipping.

Why 24 bit?

The bit depth is a unit that defines how finely the amplitude is chopped into digital data. A CD uses 16 bit resolution which makes the amplitude divided into 65,000 parts. If we add 8 more bits, that is 24, we have the resolution increased to 16,800,000 parts - 256 times finer than the one of a CD. And this is when we talk about high resolution audio – a resolution that is superior to the one of our, human, ear.

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Track listing

01. Wonky Tonk Montague Road (USA)

02. The Blue Dolphins Afraid of Moving On (USA)

03. Booher Tuxedo Park (USA)

04. Amy Obenski & The Carbone Band Fly (USA)

05. Evan Thompson Slow Burn (USA)

06. Polars Klop (USA)

07. In Hoodies My Con (Turkey)

08. She Wears Black Lost (Canada)

09. Liamere Sabotage (Slovenia)

10. Endless Forms Curling Into Crescent (USA)

11. Julienne Dweck If Only (USA)

12. Man Made Time Sail Away (USA)

13. Hinemoa Bye Bye Birdie (Iceland)

14. Will Sims Amber Eyes (USA)

15. Flameing Daeth Fearies Oh Little Valerie (USA)

Booklet in PDF format


Wonky Tonk: Montague Road

Man Made Time: Sail Away

Hinemoa: Bye Bye Birdie

2017 by Erzetich - Handcrafted Personal Audio

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