General questions

Q: Can I return the item I bought?
A: You can return the item within 15 days after the arrival of the package (we can check the arrival of the package to your place through the post tracking system). Be careful not to scratch or damage the item in any way for the first 15 days or we will deduct the damage fee from the purchasing sum. Buyer covers the shipping back to us.

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: Yes. Every product has a five-year warranty upon manufacturing and parts defects.

Q: Who covers shipping costs for warranty service?
A: You pay for the cost of shipping the item to us, we pay for shipping it back to you. If we find no error in the amplifier, you pay the shipping costs both ways.

Q: Do you accept any other payments than PayPal and bank transfer?
A: Not right now. If there is enough demand, we will expand payment options.

Q: How long will it take to receive the item I ordered?
A: If the item is in stock and if you live in Europe, you will receive it within a week. If you live outside Europe, it will usually take the package from 2 to 3 weeks to reach you (still if the item is in stock).

Q: How do you send your packages?
A: Packages are sent by Post of Slovenia or DPD. The package is insured, tracked and sent as "fragile content". Shipping is free.

General technical questions

Q: What is a headphone amplifier?
A: "A headphone amplifier is an audio amplifier designed particularly to drive headphones instead of loudspeakers. Most commonly they are found embedded in electronic devices such as integrated amplifiers, portable music players and televisions, but standalone units are not uncommon. Headphone amplifiers, as referred to here, are commercially available separate devices, sold to a niche audiophile market. These devices allow for higher possible volumes and a greater audio clarity than the smaller, cheaper amplifiers that are used in most audio players. Effectively, a headphone amplifier is a small power amplifier that can be connected to a standard headphone jack or (usually) the line output of an audio source. This allows headphones of a low sensitivity to be easily driven, due to the ample power provided by the amplifier. There are potential fidelity gains if such loads are driven with lower distortion than using a headphone amplifier integrated into a general purpose audio product." Wikipedia

Q: Can I plug speakers into your headphone amplifiers?
A: No. Headphone amplifiers are too weak to drive the speakers. Headphones only.

Q: How do I connect a headphone amplifier?
A: You plug it in between your sound source and headphones.
(See picture on Why Should I Use a Headphone Amplifier page.)

Q: Will a headphone amplifier really improve the sound of music that I listen to?
A: Absolutely. The sound will have more depth and power, better linearity, more detail and less distortion. You will feel your headphones performing on another level.

Q: Is it important what quality of cable I use to interconnect a sound source and a headphone amplifier?
A: Of course. We suggest that you use good quality cables. You can buy decent quality cables starting at as low as 30 EUR.

Q: What kind of headphones should I use?
A: That's really up to you. Different ears, different preferences. Good quality headphones are a must. You can start with good quality headphones from 80 EUR. Note that more expensive headphones don't mean they will sound better (to you). If you have any chance, try them before you buy them, or at least read some reviews. All that we can suggest are over-ear headphones.

Q: When I plug in my MP3 player, I have to turn the volume on the external headphone amplifier almost to 75 %, while listening from the component CD player, less than half of the volume suffices. Why?
A: Different sound sources have different output signal strengths. A tablet computer and portable players surely can't compete with signal strength from a mains outlet powered devices.

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