Erzetich Mania Audiophile Headphones Dynamic Titanuum Driver

Mania, like Phobos, draw on the exceptional quality of vintage pieces ensuring that strength and longevity prevail. This is paired with timeless style and contemporary technology. In Mania you will see the exquisite nature of Linden wood, hand-finished to create beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. The process of working on each individual pair of Mania cups allows personalised crafting to shape and age, with intense care and a unique outcome.

These headphones aren't simply items of style and elegance. They are designed with music and quality of sound at their heart. The internal geometry of the cup is created for maximum harmony with the titanium-coated driver shapes in order to enable sound which is uniform, detailed and enticingly warm.

Mania are versatile headphones. Their sonic and audio characteristics make them suitable for shifts in musical mood and tempo, allowing your play list to be as diverse as you wish. Mania is an individual with a unique character and a rich result.

These headphones will be available in March/April 2018.

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Erzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic HeadphonesErzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic HeadphonesErzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic HeadphonesErzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic HeadphonesErzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic Headphones

No Animal Products

In the design creation of Erzetich headphones it has been important to ensure no animal products are used, without compromising comfort and style. As such the ear pads are covered in a soft and comfortable leatherette whilst the tiara belt is crafted from a rubber-like material.


At every step of the design process the product has been evaluated against the human ear and the music we listen to. At their core it's about sound performance married with comfort. Finally, design is the master paying heed to these two principles. It's about the individual's experience.


In creating headphones that are human-centred, the quality of music listening and headphone acoustics was of integral importance. The whole Phobos and Mania purpose is to create a perfect dance of your own individual music in design elegance. This has been achieved.

As with the creation of every Erzetich piece of audio furniture, the dynamism of Mania was created through an approach of rigourous testing. This process - to see which drivers, and combinations of them, worked for the sound desired - was a journey of discovery. The learning process highlighted the importance of the geometry, materials, craftsmanship and tuning of each individual cup.

The strong name of 'Phobos' required an equally strong name for his younger characterful sister. Mania, or Manea, symbolises the Goddess of the Dead in Roman and Etruscan mythology and the Greek myth understanding of wild spirits personifying insanity. Language settled on 'mania' with roots in thinking and the psychology of an intensely-elevated mood.

It's this essense of intensity of mood that is the concept behind Mania headphones. They are designed with elevation of experience at their core from looks to sound.

Erzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic Headphones

Erzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic HeadphonesErzetich Mania Audiophile Dynamic Headphones

Impedance: 80 ohm

Driver: Dynamic 50 mm, titanium

Cup system: Semi open

Weight: 460 g

Character: Balanced and detailed

2018 by Erzetich - Handcrafted
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