I have bought a pair of great headphones, but somehow they don't deliver the quality I expected. I wish I had more depth, punch and detail. I wonder if there is a simple solution.

Yes, there is ...

... but first let's see where your problem derives from and determine if we can help you.

We are assuming you are not only true music lover, but also love listening to music through a high quality sound system that enhances your enjoyment of the music. You listen to a wide genre of music and have a good ear for detail. That's why you've bought a good pair of headphones. You have also invested in other components like a high-end stereo and preamplifier. We applaud you. Your decision to choose a pair of quality headphones that have many advantages over speakers, one of them being the price.

Most people think the standard headphones output will suffice - but deep down you know they could be much better. The reason for that is because the built-in headphone amplifiers in Hi-Fi components are usually pretty weak and don't deliver enough power to drive your headphones to their optimum output. It is often the case that the sound is blurry and the dynamics scarce. Think of this comparison: "Can you drive a 100W speaker with a 10W amplifier?" Sure you can, but the result in sound quality won't be what was intended for that speaker. A more appropriate amplifier is required. It's the same story with the headphones.

Our solution

Erzetich Audio produce audiophile headphone amplifiers that acts as an intermediary between headphones and sound source. The results are far better than headphones can achieve on their own. And there's no need to make any alterations to your existing equipment, you just hook the amplifier between sound source and headphones, sit back and enjoy a sound experience you never knew existed.

Actually, we offer you three solutions:


Small and portable, yet powerful with 2 x 180 mW of power. Do you think that's weak? FYI, most classic headphones are designed for 100 mW max power. Portable players have usually around 35 mW of output power. Handle with care.

See more about Bacillus here.

Bacillus Tilia

Bacillus Tilia is Bacillus' luxurious brother: same technology, but contains even better components and comes in a hand carved/artificially aged linden wood chasis. A top quality and design product on your desk.

See more about Bacillus Tilia here.


A bad boy. Perfidus will show you what the speed of the sound is. You will have a machine that will reveal all the truth about music: by listening to a well recorded album you will be rewarded with an incredible sound. A bad and/or overmastered album will sound unbearable. For true-sound lovers only.

See more about Perfidus here.

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