I am a sound professional and I use headphones daily. I wish they could have more power, speed and clarity, like good studio monitors do. Any suggestions?

Yes, two.

So it depends on what you need!

DJs work in a noisy environment, but you still have to monitor tracks and keep people on the dancefloor with no breaks in music. It’s not always easy to hear the track you are sampling over the music that is playing. The Bacillus headphone amp gives your headphones more power and is small enough to take with you on the road.

Sound ingeneers on on-stage mixer are in a similar situation. You don't always have the privilege to hear the way the main sound mixer engineer does - a complete soundscape. You have to monitor your own work through the headphones. This is another problem the Bacillus can resolve – it’s small, portable, robust and powerful enough to deliver a precise sound that picks up all the detail.

See more about Bacillus here.

For studio purposes, whether this is a professional recording/mixing studio or a home studio, you sometimes need to work with the headphones for various reasons: it might only be for getting a better separation picture, a detailed analysis, or maybe you can't use studio monitors because they might disturb recording sessions.

Even musicians can benefit from headphone amps because they pick up the minute details you don’t hear when you’re playing. Using headphone amps for practicing or just mixing on your own can help you improve your performance.

Bacillus is arguably the ideal choice, but if you wanted even better quality, Perfidus offers an exceptional alternative. The high-end amp gets to the root of your mix and gives you the bigger picture by exposing the tiniest flaws. We’ll be honest with you, it can be painful, but at least when you know they are there, you can fix it.

See more about Perfidus here.

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