Test Our Equipment

Test Our Equipment at Your Home!

It is hard to buy a piece of expensive equipment blindly and hope it will work fine for you.


Maybe you won't like the sound. Maybe it will not work well with your existing equipment. Maybe there is just no chemistry (nothing wrong with you, nothing wrong with the device).


An option is to meet us at Hi-Fi shows or visit us in our office. But what if you can't?



We'll send it to you to test it



... at your home: with your equipment, with your music, with your timing. For 14 days.



This is how it goes:

1. Get in touch with us and tell us what unit(s) are you interested in.

2. You pay for shipping one way + 1/3 of the unit's price.

3. We send the demo unit(s) to you and you keep them for 14 days.


Scenario A: you like it/them.

1. You make us happy and proud.

2. You pay the rest of the pricing (the other 2/3 of the unit's price).

3. We pick up (on our expenses) the demo unit and send you a brand-new one (on our expenses, too) with 5 years warranty for amplifiers and 2 years warranty for headphones.


Scenario B: it's not for you.

1. That's OK.

2. We pick up the demo unit (on our expenses).

3. You get your money back (minus shipping expense that you paid at the first place).



Not sure what units are right for you?



Tell us something about you: what equipment you already have, what music you listen to, what's the sound signature you like the most. We'll help out with our suggestions.


Any questions or concerns?


Get in touch with us.





Limitations (IMPORTANT):

1. This offer is valid only in the countries where we don't have distribution (yet), therefore worldwide excluding: Benelux, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Canary Islands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Slovak and Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA. For the countries mentioned above, please contact our distributors here.

2. After 14 days are gone we'll be in touch with you and ask you to prepare the unit for shipping back. Every day after 15 days that you keep the unit(s), we charge 5 EUR/day per unit. This doesn't apply if the delay is caused by us.

3. If you suddenly disappear, don't reply to our emails and/or phone calls or you want to keep the demo unit without our consent (you get the picture) it'll make us sangry (sad + angry) and we'll need to ask the law firm that represents us to get in touch with you by their means at your expense. But that won't happen, right?

4. Don't damage the unit. Take good care of it. Should the unit be scratched, bumped, broken or however damaged, we'll need to charge you the service.